8 Feuds WWE must do post WrestleMania 34


WWE has been known to hit the reset button on its feud and mostly on brand setup too after WrestleMania. So its’s just basically the matter of time that we discuss which post WrestleMania matches, among the current roster, would be “the best for business”. In this list I present, however there has to be some exceptions, and those exceptions are in fact needed for both, the blue brand and the A-show.

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz

This one has written five-star all over it. With their rivalry as GM and Superstar, during Miz’s time on Smackdown, was loved by all. In a sense this is what might have catapulted him into a must have asset for either of the show, because this just showed the greatness of Miz as performer. Weather it is him getting under the skin of just anybody he wishes, or getting fans to rally behind him for whatever reasons he may please, and getting booed the next moment, it’s something that shows he has major capability to draw heat from the crowd. Hell, he literally elevated Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, and brought them into mainstream and even at times main event! Bryan on the other hand is like a god to the WWE Universe in the current scenario. He will always be a babyface, and that too a top one, and to match that with an equally heat drawing Heel, we have Miz. With Bryan cleared to wrestle again, and Miz on a constant” abuse” of his signature moves, this has the potential to be set into a great story-line culminating at Summer-Slam, and a perfect welcome home storyline for Bryan.

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

With their matches earning a rating of 3-4 stars, and that too everytie they are in ring together, it just shows how talented these two wrestlers are and with WrestleMania over and Miz almost (90%) sure to lose the title, this could set up a great feud between the two, post Mania, for the same title. They have been on the Raw roster ever since the brand split, but due to some reason or the other haven’t faced each other in a fully blown feud. This would be amazing due to their sheer in-ring abilities alone, and to top that Rollins’ has excellent mic skills which might enrage “the Demon King” at some point and we might to see a great match at SummerSlam!

Kami vs The Bar

The Raw tag team Division is in a kind of dearth right now, following the injury of Ambrose and Shield split almost immediately after which they got together. Now the Bar have rightfully claimed that they are out of opponents to beat. This can potentially end after WrestleMania, when we see a lot of NXT call-ups and roster movement. Now I am not denying that a NXT team could possibly engage with the Bar. But with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn we have a tried and tested heat drawing capability, and with them getting fired from Smackdown brand specifically post Mania, it makes sense and also very clear that they’ll be landing on Raw, and also in feud with the Bar, which will catapult them straight to Main Event, but also with their antics they might just be able to set the Bar to face turn, which was a good run for them back when they were formed, and seems a requirement now.

Styles vs Nakamura

With Styles revoking his right to rematch, at Backlash, this could potentially end the feud then and there. But what if, at Backlash, Nakamura tries to retain by unfair methods and turns heel in the process, This could be one of the most highlighting feud, culminating at Summerslam, but alas! This one seems like a long shot, because if rumours are to be believed Styles might just make the move to the red brand following Backlash.

Charlotte vs Rousey

This feud must be done, and WWE universe knows it. Horsewoman vs Horsewoman! This match in itself is $$$. Given the stature of both these female superstars, and the crowd popping stand-off they had at Mae-Young Classics, it makes sense to bring this feud to reality. With Asuka most likely winning at WrestleMania and then retaining at Backlash, we might just see Charlotte moving on to the Raw, and thus bringing this feud to fruitition.

Bliss vs Ember Moon

Bliss with her championship is nothing short of entertainment for the WWE universe, but she might lose it Nia Jax, and who might drop it again to either Charlotte or Rousey. But the where does Bliss land in this turmoil? On Smackdown Live, and she might just work a wonderful feud against the debutant(possible) Ember Moon. Both are amazing on mic and in-ring, and with Bliss antics as five feet of fury, this might just be what is needed for freshening the somewhat seemingly stale roster on Smackdown women’s division.

Authors of Pain vs Bludgeon Brothers

Similar to Bar’s position on Raw, the Smackdown tag team division also needs some fresh faces to further and to set up new story lines from WrestleMania onwards. With Usos and New Day already engaged in certain matches to remember them by, and doing justice to their characters, we don’t need them to have titles to make them relevant now, because that’s how much the crowd loves them, but who needs a title then? That’s right the newly introduced team of Harper and Rowan, who have been shown as nothing short of dominant and unconquerable force as of now on the show. So who will be a decent opponent for them, post Mania? Answer is the equally amazing and dominant team of Akam and Rezar.

Reigns vs Ambrose

Remember Ambrose in a championship pursuit against Rollins back when Rollins used to be a heel and Ambrose a face? But wait wait wait! What do we have here? A heel Ambrose challenging Reigns for his title? Why? Simply because he is the Lunatic Fringe. I must agree Ambrose is my favourite wrestler by far outmatching anyone on the list, barring Styles, but Ambrose is still #1 for me. His in-ring persona, his crazy antics and his excellent promo cutting ability is something that the fans have missed for the past six months now(at least I have). So when Ambrose comes back as a heel, he would certainly be more free to be crazy and perform the most ridiculous actions on his opponents. And who better to be the victim to his actions(which the fans love) other than Reigns(whom the fans hate). So Ambrose challenges Reigns for the main event scene that he has so far occupied because he is Vince’s favourite, and he wants that title that is symbolic to everything that has been unfairly dished out to him in the past and was relinquished to become a mid-carder, while he enjoyed the Title four times. A little jealousy and animosity in the play could be the required ingredients here. And even if he comes back on Smackdown, we could have him waiting for Reigns there, when and if Reigns drops the title to a more favoured Wrestler in Balor or Rollins sometime during Summerslam, and moves to the blue brand. Ambrose could then proceed to work in a feud against Reigns, who dropped by to steal his show. Because come on, frankly we have seen it all, Reigns vs Rollins, Rollins vs Ambrose and now to complete this triplet of Shield after-effect, we need one more star studded feud in Ambrose vs Reigns! Hell yeah baby!

8 Feuds WWE must do post WrestleMania 34 - WWE Champions
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8 Feuds WWE must do post WrestleMania 34 - WWE Champions
WWE Champions - 8 Feuds WWE must do post WrestleMania 34. WWE has been known to hit the reset button on its feud and mostly on brand setup too after WrestleMania and Daniel Bryan vs The Miz is one of five major feuds that could keep it going strong.
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