Asuka Vs Nia Jax WWE Elimination Chamber 2018

asuka vs nia jax elimination chamber 2018

What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? This question will be answered this Sunday on Elimination Chamber, where we will witness the rivalry between Asuka VS Nia Jax, which if Nia Jax wins, will add Nia to the Wrestlemania match against Raw Women’s Champion, making it a triple threat (if Asuka goes for Raw’s Women Title).

These two will not be clashing for the first time in the squared circle. Apart from one off match among these two prior to the Royal Rumble, they also collided forces in NXT, for the NXT women’s Champiobship at NXT Takeover: The End, and again on a televised show at NXT, Asuka winning all the times, needless to say.

January 8th episode of Raw saw Nia Jax attacking Asuka prior to the match, during her entrance for their scheduled match. Jax hit an electric chair drop on Asuka, followed by

On January 15th episode of Raw, Nia and Asuka faced off finally in rematch from previous week (which never started!) and saw great potential from both athletes. It goes without saying that the chemistry with which they both worked in that match, was at par of the two rivals, striving to be the best. During the matchup, Asuka tripped Nia on the steel steps, which trapped her knee between the apron and the stairs. Jax couldn’t continue due to the injury and the match saw a refereed ending, in favour of Asuka.

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Because of its indecisive ending, a rematch of Asuka vs Nia Jax for Elimination Chamber was announced by Raw General manager, Kurt Angle on 5th February on the show, with an added stipulation that if Nia Jax, wins, she would be heading to Wrestlemania to challenge the winner of the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match for the Raw Women’s Championship. This means that if Asuka after Elimination Chamber decides to go for the Raw Women’s Championship, it’s going to be a triple threat match.

Heading into the match, Nia Jax Surely goes ahead with the momentum after assaulting Asuka during her interview with Renee Young on this week’s Monday Night, making a strong, loud and clear statement, that she is no joke. As fancy as her undefeated streak might be, Nia will pose a serious threat to the reputation. Asuka, too, would not like to take a step back just before Wrestlemania, and would be looking to win this match to avoid complications of a triple threat match.

Will the Irresistible Force demolish the streak once and for all? Or will it be The Empress of Tomorrow who like her streak, will continue unhampered to Wrestlemania? These questions remain to be answered, on Elimination Chamber, this Sunday.

Asuka Vs Nia Jax Elimination Chamber Match Prediction

Nia Jax wins, gets added to Wrestlemania and faces Alexa Bliss, while Asuka goes for Smackdown Women’s Champion.


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