With Braun Strowman maintaining absolute kayfabe over his absolutely mystery tag team partner for his Title Match against the current Raw tag team Champions- The Bar, it was only natural that we speculate who this person might be. Apart from obvious answers like Brains Strowman, and Curt Hawkins receiving his much needed big break, let us dive into this much intriguing question, apart from the question that will Undertaker finally respond at Mania?

5 Possible Tag Partners For Braun Against The Bar

  • Bray Wyatt: With Strowman revealing the sneak peek about his partner and him having a history, it makes sense to include Wyatt’s name on the top of the list. Wyatt or whatever his new repackaged gimmick will be called, might be seen with Braun in the title match. And might be just necessary to catapult him back into the main event scene, after he spent days in the mindless feud with Matt Hardy, and spending ages on the mid-card ever since being drafted to Raw. It is hard to imagine that this ‘Husky’ figure was once a WWE champion, after witnessing his current status. He was last seen on Raw’s episode where he fought Hardy in an Ultimate deletion match, which he lost, and hasn’t been on roster since.
  • Rey Mysterio: Mysterio being the tag team partner is being speculated all round, and it is only valid for after his return to the WWE ring in a one-off appearance at Royal Rumble, he said in an interview that he is open to working with WWE once again, and with him clearly not under any contracts as of now, and almost on the verge of recovering fully from the bicep injury, we might see 619 once again at WrestleMania. And if he wins, he would become a five-time world champion, all with different tag team partners!
  • Big Show: Now everyone knows that these two have given us quite a few entertaining matches in the recent past. Wouldn’t it be great to see these two giants combining forces to claim the titles for themselves? Big Show has been posting pictures of him training on social media accounts, and this giant was last seen in a match against Strowman, where he was thrown out of the cage, blasting the cage open, in the process.
  • Elias: With a quick, fun filled, and a really crowd favouring banter among these two, it is highly likely that the WWE creative team might pair up the two for taking on the Tag Team Champions, who were formed in a similar manner, following their classic 7 match series back in 2016. Elias is indeed slated for a WrestleMania appearance, probably the Drifter might have other plans, but this one seems to weigh more in terms of absolute entertainment and a great story-telling from WWE creatives.
  • Samoa Joe: With him being out due to a legitimate injury, Joe is more than ready to return to ring, and what more could propel him directly into the main event scene more than being directly involved in a championship feud with some of the best workers the company has to offer. Joe has been a terrific heel in the past, and with his superb skill set, and mic skills, he and Strowman could be just what is needed to set fire to the tag team division, which seems to have gotten stale after Shield and the Bar feud.


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