Charlotte vs Asuka WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

FastLane ended on a high note for Charlotte Flair as she retained her Smackdown Women’s Championship, against Ruby Riott of the Riott Squad, by making her submit to the signature Figure-8 lock. However, this celebration was short lived, as what transpired next set up one of the most promising match on the WrestleMania card.

To a much great crowd pop, Asuka entered the arena, and simply pointed Charlotte towards the WrestleMania sign hanging right above. Any doubts about her action were further cleared in a backstage interview where she openly challenged the Queen to a WrestleMania match. This surprise call came after much speculation where Asuka was to face Bliss and then setup a future feud with the Rowdy Ronda Rousy(which also would have been a great match). Asuka gained the right to challenge any champion of her choosing after she won the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble at the said pay-per-view.

Asuka had two choices, to either challenge Bliss for her championship which she retained after a spectacular match at Elimination Chamber or to challenge Charlotte, who put her title on line at Fastlane against Ruby Riott. Asuka decided to pounce upon the last moment and her timing couldn’t have been better. With plenty of star-power on Raw, and lack of any worthy contenders on Smackdown for Flair’s championship, this seemed the right move (no offence to Smackdown’s women roster). This move would also place Asuka permanently on Smackdown Roster in case she wins the title. Given the crowd of Superstars on Raw’s Women ‘s Division, this would give a little breathing space to other women and help them move on from mid-card matches to the main event scene.

The Charlotte vs Asuka match-up is also the right one for the fans given the huge amount of interest fans show in the Empress of Tomorrow and The Queen of WWE. Asuka said she wanted to face the best champion, when instigated by Bliss on the following night on Raw. This shows how much invested Asuka is in this match. Charlotte would be entering the match as a defending champion, as a crowd favourite and as someone who has only lost one singles match in PPVs giving her a spectacular record in terms of win-loss ratio. Asuka on the other hand, also has to defend her unbeaten streak in WWE, and being a crowd favourite too, puts this match in absolute stand-off. Predicting a winner is going to be very tough as both have legitimate records backing them up.

Charlotte is a veteran of the field, and also a second generation wrestler, daughter of record sixteen-time world champion Ric Flair.  She has the momentum and the capacity to destroy the streak and make fans believe that she can do it and not just because of the booking but because of her impressive in ring abilities. Asuka, on the other hand has emerged as one of the most promising talent on the roster, and has done with women’s wrestling what Miz did with his Intercontinental Championship, helped make it relevant. The streak is not the only thing making her a credible threat to the Queen’s throne, but she has also proven her skills in the independent wrestling circuits, and fans are heavily inclined towards seeing the same.

What can only be converted into an instant classic at the Grandest Stage of ‘em All, will also be an explosive matchup with the crowd super invested in the match. However, considering everything, WWE hasn’t kept the streak alive for so many days in vain. Although, hopefully, it is not going to be a never-ending streak, it seems highly unlikely that it would be broken right here by Charlotte. Maybe in future, but not now! Speculations also can be for a Money-in-the Bank cash-in. and a feud between the three ladies which might be great, given the perfect heel Carmella is. But let’s just hope it doesn’t come down it. Charlotte vs Asuka is what we need right now!

Charlotte vs Asuka WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match Prediction

Asuka will continue their undefeated streak and become women SmackDown champion.


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