History Of Elimination Chamber Winners


Ever since the 16 feet construct of the Elimination Chamber made its debut in 2002. It has seen the blood of many Hall of Famers and legends. However, success is not guaranteed in the chamber, ask Jericho, who signed up for the match for a record 8 times and has eliminated more superstars than anyone, and yet the sweet taste of victory came to him only once.

As an ode to the upcoming Elimination Chamber, here’s a list of all the matches featuring Elimination Chamber, its victims and champions who survived the punishment of the goliath structure.

WWE Elimination Chamber Winners

Shawn Michaels @ Survivor Series (2002)The November PPV featured the first ever Elimination Chamber Match. Brainchild of Eric Bischoff, this match can easily be called one of the greats, much like any other themed matches of the era. This featured a World Heavyweight Championship Match contest where the HBK Shawn Michaels delivered a very Sweet Chin Music to Triple H and scored the pin for the victory and the Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H @ SummerSlam (2003)The second Elimination Chamber match saw Triple H emerging victorious, after being out of action from the entirety of match due a well-received superkick courtesy Shawn Michels. After the chamber shattering Spear by Goldberg, a timely interference by the Nature boy Ric flair, who handed the king his favourite weapon, a sledgehammer, which was then used to counter another spear, for a pedigree and thus helped him retain his Championship.

Triple H @ New Year’s Revolution (2005)Special guest referee Shawn Michaels, getting distracted by Ric Flair, for an already eliminated Batista to clothesline Randy Orton, was all that was needed, for Triple H to win his second consecutive Elimination Chamber Match, and also regaining his World Heavyweight Championship.

John Cena @ New Year’s Revolution (2006)One of the more memorable matches produced by the company in the PG era, saw John Cena defend his WWE championship against the likes of Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle and Kane. A fast paced and action packed match came to conclusion when Cena surprise rolled up Carlito for the win and retaining his Championship. However, his celebration was short lived, as Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract immediately after, and was crowned the new Champion.

Bobby Lashley @ December to Dismember (2006)Second Elimination Chamber of the year, saw a slight variation in the rules, with weapons being provided to the participants while being locked up in the pod. And so each of the participants entered with a different weapon, dubbing the match as Extreme Elimination Chamber. Bobby Lashley stood tall at the end of one of the most poorly received match in the WWE history, when he speared Big Show, and capturing the ECW World Championship.

Undertaker and Triple H @ No Way Out (2008): The first PPV to feature two Elimination Chamber Matches. The first one featured superstars of the Smackdown and ECW division. The last men standing were the Undertaker and Batista, where the tombstone piledriver, ended the Road to Wrestlemania for Batista. The second Elimination Chamber match was again for a Wrestlemania title match opportunity. Triple H marked his territory again, when he delivered a second pedigree on the steel chair, to Jeff Hardy, and pinning him.

Triple H and Edge @ No Way Out (2009): The Smackdown championship, WWE championship was defended inside the Elimination chamber, which Triple H won (again!), for the record fourth time, after he pedigreed Undertaker. The main event schedule was disrupted when Edge attacked Kofi Kingston backstage and then replaced him with himself, by locking himself up in the pod. Having already received a 619 from Rey Mysterio and Code breaker from Jericho, Edge speared Cena to seal the deal and eliminate him. The match came to end when Edge speared Rey Mysterio for the pin and winning World Heavyweight championship in the process.

John Cena and Chris Jericho @ Elimination Chamber (2010): The PPV now renamed to the self-titledthemed match Elimination Chamber, saw John Cena as the last man standing for the second time, when he made Triple H Submit to his STF, clinching the WWE championship for the sixth time, also making it the first time a last elimination was done via submission. The main event saw another chamber match for World heavyweight championship. After Shawn Michales interfered in the match followed by a Sweet Chin Music to the Undertaker, Chris Jericho easily pinned him, to win the match for the first time in his record sixth appearance, and winning the Championship

Edge and John Cena @ Elimination Chamber (2011): Edge successfully defended the title in the 2011 edition against the odds of Rey Mysterio, Kane , Big Show and Wade Barrett. The win came after he countered Rey Mysterio’s top Rope leap into a Spear, and scoring a pin. This was also followed by an attack by Alberto Del Rio and a save by the returning Christian. In the main event John Cena won the right to Wrestlemania Main Event by a spectacular Attitude Adjustment onto the chamber floor to CM Punk, also earning him the third Elimination Chamber victory, and placing him just behind Triple H in the tally.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan @ Elimination Chamber (2012): CM Punk once again one of the last men standing, saw this time, himself through after he applied GTS to Miz, to retain the WWE Championship in the first match of the PPV. In Smackdown’s Chamber match Daniel Bryan retained his World Heavyweight Championship, by applying the LeBell Lock on Santino Marella. He was however, later confronted by Sheamus, attacking and indicating a Wrestlemania match between the two.

Jack Swagger @ Elimination Chamber (2013): This edition saw the golden era of “The American Patriot” Jack Swagger, who won with a surprise roll up to Randy Orton, and thus becoming the number 1 contender of the World Heavyweight Championship title at Wrestlemania.

Randy Orton @ Elimination Chamber (2014): This edition saw Randy Orton defend his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro, Christian and Sheamus. The match saw some spectacular moments when Sheamus broke the pod glass by performing a Brogue kick through it, and Christian performing the Frog Splash from the top of the pod on Sheamus. The match concluded when Orton hit an RKO outta’ nowhere on Daniel Bryan to retian his championship.

The New Day and Ryback @ Elimination Chamber (2015): This year saw a little change in the format where instead of singles competitors, there was tag team action in place, for the chamber, which was won by the New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods), after Kofi hit trouble in paradise to Titus O’Neil . In another chamber match Intercontinental Championship was at stake. After a lengthy and not-so-well-praised matchup, the ending saw Sheamus eating a Shell-Shockedby Ryback and getting pinned, earning Ryback his Intercontinental Championship.

Bray Wyatt @ Elimination Chamber (2017): After an year long, absence of the chamber, a Smackdown exclusive PPV for the year, returned with a few changes to caged structure and a high

change in mindset of people, when the land of opportunity saw, Bray Wyatt becoming the crowned WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This result came in after he executed a Sister Abigail onto AJ Styles, who was trying to manoeuvre a Phenomenal Forearm.

Who will win this year’s Chamber’s Match? Will we see a much awaited Reigns vs Brock rematch showdown at Grandest Stage of ‘em All? What about the Women’s Chamber Match? Will the “Five feet of Fury” retain, or will Sasha Banks show the world who the real Boss is? Tune in to WWE network this Sunday to find out.


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