John Cena Vs Undertaker WrestleMania 34 -The Dream Match the world is waiting for

John Cena Vs Undertaker WrestleMania 34

An event, WrestleMania which is mesmerizing the youth has two precious gems, Undertaker and John Cena. These two sensation players have evolved the wrestling style. When these two players play against each other, wrestling becomes much more interesting. The demand of the battle of these two players is increasing day by day. WrestleMania is making a bizarre attention among millions of fans. The battle of John Cena VS Undertaker is one of the most demanding battle ever. WrestleMania was exciting its fan by planning a fight with Undertaker VS John Cena. but what happened to that match? Well! That was just a rumors.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for “The Deadman” to rise again from ashes and confront the John Cena in the WrestleMania. Each fan has a dream of watching a match between John Cena VS Undertaker. The curiosity was not the peak. But it was just a dream match. There was a mixed feeling among the fans. There were fans excited for the match but on the other hand, few fans were in the dilemma that Undertaker should not put his perfect sendoff received at WrestleMania 33 and that too for sake of one match.

Why is the fight between John Cena VS Undertaker a dream match?

With the passage of time, a thing in the WWE has changed but the place that star players have made in the heart of their fans is irreplaceable. The tactics that Undertaker and John Cena used to play excite their fan. These two are experienced one and have been the deserving WWE world champions. The craze of these two players is still the same among the fans.

There could be lots many reasons why John Cena VS Undertaker could not come in front of each other. But the reason why it was obvious that Undertaker will fight is that he is the one among the highest paid wrestlers since last two years. Therefore, his comeback was quite sure for the WrestleMania 34. One more reason which assured his comeback was that Vince McMahon could do red-carpet welcome since he wants Undertaker to wrestle. John Cena is also a star player so the wrestle between the two-star players could double fold the excitement of fans. It is not the first time that the WWE has missed the opportunity and disappointed his fans. With the increasing demand of new subscriber of WWE, this wrestling could prove fruitful. In a nutshell, it’s not just the fans but the wrestlers also want such type of wrestling. No star player wants to lose such opportunities but here the scenario was slightly different.

Wrestling is full of excitement so no matters whether John Cena VS Undertaker will fight for not but other star players will surely entertain you to the fullest. Well! It’s just not an end of excitement if that wrestle was a rumour. There are more than a handful of wrestle which will not only engross you but also earn more than what they could have imagined. So just wait for other matches which can compel you to bite your nails.


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