Intercontinental Championship Wrestlemania 34
Intercontinental Championship Wrestlemania 34

The conclusion of Elimination chamber this year has opened up a plethora of feuds for many superstars in the Raw roster.

The Miz, the Current Intercontinental Champion has every right to feel not pleased about this. At Elimination Chamber, where he was aiming to be the number one contender for the Universal Championship, his plans were foiled the moment Braun Strowman set his eyes on him. To his credit, he did enter the chamber match first, and after surviving a handful of beating against three other superstars, it never gets easy to face The Monster among Men.

The Raw episode immediately following Elimination Chamber, saw him complaining about about how unfair he is being treated even though he has elevated the title of Intercontinental Championship to far greater heights, than anyone in the history. About how he made it relevant once again, about how despite all that he has done and proved that he is the only Champion that matters on Raw and not Brock Lesnar, taking a jab at latter’s absence from almost every Raw episode, ever since he held the title. This nuisance made Raw GM Kurt Angle irate and he said that his opponent that night might decide his WrestleMania opponent. And then introducing Seth Rollins.

Seth Rollins after a stellar match on previous edition of Raw (his hour long stand in the gauntlet match), and an entertaining performance on the last night’s Chamber match, came out all guns blazing. After he and Miz gave the crowd a match to remember by, Rollins proved again why he is Mr. Monday Night. While Rollins celebrated and Miz licked his wounds from a crushing defeat, Finn Balor’s music hit and he walked down the ramp as Miz saw in despair while the referee explained to him that he has a match against Balor. Miz tried to Balor made a quick example out of an exhausted Miz and delivered a Slingblade followed by a bullet dropkick and then followed up with a Coup de Grace. Both Rollins and Balor laid claims to Miz’s Intercontinental Title later in the interviews.

On the following week’s episode, the Miz ranted about how unfairly he is being treated by the management despite being the one who is holding the title. He proceeded to remind the world that in just 55 days he would become the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in terms of combined days of various Championship reigns, a record currently being held by Pedro Morales who in his 2 reigns has been a champion for 619 days. He then called out both Rollins and Balor, and said that if he was handicapped last week, he should get a chance to humble his opponents too. He challenged both of them to a 3-on-2 Handicap match against the Miztourage ad himself. A challenge which both of them accepted. Following a few squirmish among themselves, Rollins ultimately pinned the Intercontinental Champion Miz following a curb stomp (Blackout? Please! It was curb stomp when I started!) before making a quick and sneak tag into the match as Balor prepared for Coup de Grace.

Kurt Angle came out after the match and announced the WrestleMania match for Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor.

Personally, I feel very bad about Miz. Even though he has been established as a heel, there is no doubt in that whatever he says, he says the truth. He is one of the company’s hardest workers and appears more regularly on TV and live shows than most of any other superstars in the locker-room. He should have had his moment of being the longest reigning champion by WrestleMania. But what do our beloved Vince and team do? They pin the title first on Roman Reigns, making him the Grand Slam Champion, (for what? It isn’t like the crowd likes him better now that he’s a grand slam champion). And now this blasphemy, by making him defend against two people on Mania, following which it may be a long time again after the A-lister picks up the intercontinental championship to make it relevant. I am not against entertainment, triple threat matches are chaos personified and that is a lot of entertainment. But I am just disappointed about all the hard-work he has been putting in, and not getting proper treatment.

That all being said, the match at WrestleMania is going to be a blast for sure. Rollins is looking for another good reason to solidify himself and his claims of Monday Night Rollins. Balor has been eyeing for a title, the one which he never lost or any other. The Demon King needs a throne, and right now he doesn’t care which one it is.

The match is certainly little in Miz retaining his title, but in case it happens, given Rollins’ and Miz’s mic skills and in ring talent, they can surely continue on this rivalry and make it one of the most epic rivalries of their careers, I mean it has that potential.

For Rollins this could either end up as a chance to finally call himself a GrandSlam Champion, following the footsteps of Ambrose (Speaking of which, he is out till September, or is he?) and Reigns (unnecessary title reign! WHY?). And continue on a feud with Miz or Balor or both. Or we might witness an early return by The Lunatic Fringe, hampering Rollins’ match and turning a long time pending heel.

Balor has the least to lose here, as he is pretty much open for any feud right now. If he wins, a feud with the Miz is a surety. If he loses, we might expect a feud with Rollins, but the picture doesn’t seem very clear right now.

Intercontinental Championship Match Prediction: The Miz vs Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

Early Prediction: Rollins Wins, and we witness Rollins vs Miz post WrestleMania.


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