Return of Daniel Bryan in WWE Wretlemania 34

Return of Daniel Bryan in WWE Wretlemania 34
Return of Daniel Bryan in WWE Wretlemania 34

March 20 2018, a day none of the people watching TV at homes or the live crowd in Dallas at American Airlines Centre will forget. For this day marked the triumphant in ring return of probably the most over baby-face the company has ever seen, one of the most talented in ring persona and a living proof of what WWE Universe as a collective fan base can do, when they want to see their superstar succeed. This superstar goes by the name of DANIEL BRYAN!

After a heartfelt retirement message in 2016, and saying goodbye to his wrestling career for good, Bryan returned as the Smackdown General Manager following the brand split later that year, to a huge crowd pop. Ever since his decisions as a booker have highly been appreciated, with Smackdown Live being dubbed as the Land of Opportunities.

However, why he left wrestling was unsure because of him being cleared by doctors outside of the company was well known. If kayfabe, his return can only be dubbed as one of the best scripted in-ring return in WWE history. After being medically cleared to wrestle again, he once again teared up to thank the fans and his family, especially Brie who had been a constant support to him in the time he could not do what he loved the most in the world apart from his family, Wrestle.

Following his announcement, he turned his attention to address the misdoings of Zayn and Owens on the previous edition of Smackdown, and proceeded to scold them and subsequently fire them. This, nonetheless, ignited Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and they launched a vicious assault on The Yes! Man. Bryan showed his old persona hinting that he hasn’t forgotten what it means to be a WWE Superstar, by returning the favour to Zayn and Owens. Owens was next on the receiving end of a Knee Plus in the corner, followed by Zayn on the other side. Yes! Kicks followed, but he was interrupted in between by Zayn, who now teaming up with Owens decimated their competition.

This new revelation now hints towards a match-up between Zayn and Owens vs Bryan and Shane-O-Mac, and as written in one of the previous articles, Zayn vs Owens is now nearly not happening at the Grandest stage of them All. What better way and place to return for one of the greatest of all times: Smackdown truly has put up a great show on their card if they follow up with this one. Let’s see how the following weeks, two in fact turn out to be for the WrestleMania match card!



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