Rusev’s Addition to US Championship Match

Rusev’s Addition to US Championship Match

As soon as Rusev entered the Tag team match between Bobby Roode and Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal, as Mahal’s partner, it was clear as crystal that this win is going in favour of the recently turned fan favourite Bulgarian Brute.

Following a pin breakup by Rusev, Roode accidentally crashed into Orton as a result who was preparing for an RKO. This led to an argument among the team mebers who already haven’t been seeing eye to eye following Orton’s title win at Fastlane, and their upcoming bout at WrestleMania. Orton performed and RKO on Roode following which he received a stunning Machka kick in the jaw and fell for the pin.

Rusev in post match celebration announced that he would be going to the GM for entering the United States Championship Match, which was later approved.

Addition of Rusev to the title match has brought forward an interesting angle, however, for that angle to work out properly WWE has to recognize that for the fans he is a babyface, and they should stop feeding him heel lines and mannerisms. Moreover, a proper double turn at WrestleMania for Rusev and Roode is sure to set some sparks flying, with a great rivalry in set for Rusev vs Roode.

Rusev also being a former United States Champion, is a formidable contender for the championship.

It is saddening to see that US Championship has been now relegated to a sub par standard, as opposed to the time when Cena held it or even AJ Styles for sometime. This is also probably due to lack of a proper heated up rivalry which Cena had with Del Rio or in case of Styles vs Owens. But all this hopefully will caese to be, when we see a probable setup between Rusev and Roode post Mania!

Until then, the crowd favourites are Roode and Rusev, and personally I think the company would be better off with the title around the waist of the Bulgarian Brute. Fans love him, company wants him as a heel, Roode as a baby-face and with Aiden English on his side, Rusev can now match the mic skills of Roode along with being formidable with his in ring abilities.


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