Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan VS Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn


With Daniel Bryan back in business, it was a no brainer when he announced his participation in a WrestleMania match alongside Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon. Their opponents for the evening? No prizes for guessing, the fairly obvious duo of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The catch here being Owens and Zayn to be rehired on Smackdown if they win, and remaining fired otherwise.

Daniel Bryan recently made his announcement of participating in the WrestleMania following his beat down by Owens and Zayn in prior weeks, when he announced himself being cleared to fight.

This announcement comes at a very crucial and amazing point where, Smackdown live was struggling to put up a stellar competition bar the dream match between Asuka and Charlotte and between Nakamura and Styles(Sorry Randy, your feud isn’t doing much right now!).

Kayfabe or not, Bryan’s absence from active wrestling had kept a long list of fans waiting for him to return to in-ring action when he stated during his retirement about being cleared medically by external medical authorities. This was clear with the No chants he received when he announced the termination of his career and then again with the Yes chants when he reverted his decision three years later.

Shane McMahon is no stranger to WrestleMania. He has given us numerous OMG moments ever since he first took part in it, and more so since his return. Be his matchup at WrestleMania 32 against The Undertaker, or his feud with AJ Styles, both culminating in his defeat, both remind us that Shan-O-Mac hasn’t forgotten how to lay a beat down on his opponent. In fact, his matches, have become like wine, turn finer with the age!

Daniel Bryan is the person whose multiple WrestleMania moments have etched themselves in history of WWE as era defining moments, be his win at WrestleMania 30, or his 6 second match against Sheamus where he lost thanks to a quick Brogue Kick by the latter. It was last we saw him defining life and making it large at WrestleMania, so it fits poetically that he makes his return to action once again at the Grandest Stage of ‘em All.

Sami Zayn turned heel when he saved his on-off best friend Kevin Owens from a leap of faith elbow by Shane-O-Mac at Hell in a Cell last year. Since then, both of them have been in an extended feud against the Smackdown live Commissioner and AJ Styles, with Daniel Bryan supporting them, encouraging their talent as the GM of land of opportunities. However, they have lost that ally in Bryan when they attacked him a few weeks before, and made him their rival for WrestleMania.

All four of the wrestlers stand to gain a lot. With Bryan getting a spectacular return he so rightly deserves and Owens and Zayn getting a WrestleMania moment they have earned by working so hard over the past years, Shane-O-Mac gets what he wants, a star studded match with the capability of outshining all the other matches on the card.

Prediction : Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon win, with Owens and Zayn getting fired from Smackdown and moving to Raw following Superstar Shakeup.


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